It’s smoking time in America

The legalization of Marijuana is not just a dream anymore, it’s only rapidly becoming the new reality in America. It’s still a problematic topic that divides people with different mindsets, some support it, some don’t, some don’t understand the benefits of the Legalization of Marijuana. Many states that have moved ahead and made Marijuana legal witnessed huge gains in tax revenue.

This information is not as widely disseminated as anything relatable. When it comes to the benefits of tax cuts or marginal changes in spending, Uncle Sam is too eager to brag (even if that bragging is based on gross exaggeration), but when it comes to the $billions in revenue paid to the same government that has until recent years been trying to wipe if from the face of the nation, there is ominous silence.

The legalization of Marijuana is beneficial in many aspects of our lives, but, the specter of reefer madness still haunts a large portion of the US. Even in states like California and Colorado which are fully recreational, you can see the massive dichotomy between the highly populated areas, and the small towns and areas hanging onto the term “suburb” for dear life, which choose not to allow dispensaries.

In Los Angeles there is seemingly a dispensary on every corner, like tapas restaurants in Greenwich village, but in a great many of the less populated, often more racially heterogeneous towns, there are none to be seen. In some regards they are almost like time capsules, a travel back to the past where inebriants are only ok if they come from a bottle, and “those people” knew their place, which was Not In My Backyard.

There’s no question that the tax revenue generated by selling Marijuana legally could be applied back into aspects of civil society which receive inadequate funding, that’s just basic arithmetic. Unfortunately for too many people the actual facts, science, and mathematics are subservient to the fear, traditions and galvanizing ability that opposition to marijuana, or any inebriant can produce.

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